Space Cop

My goal for this project was to recreate an illustration of mine featuring a space cop pulling over a space biker for not wearing his helmet.

The first thing I did was scratchbuild a bike, cobbled together from all sorts of scrap parts, including an F-86 jet engine and a Maisto bike.

The biggest challenge was building and lighting the patrol car. The car itself is a customized version of James Bond's aquatic Lotus, with plenty of rockets added. The lights are all internally powered.

Finally, I needed a spacesuited cop. I found an astronaut cell phone holder which I was able to customize by liberating him from his base and adorning with various greeblies and decals (Like a psace police patch on his shoulder). The astronaut already came equipped with his own little cell phone...I simply needed to fabricate a tiny pen to make it look as if he was writing a ticket. I created some suitable background art and displayed it on my TV, which often doubles as a backdrop for my miniature photography sessions. I assembled the whole mess in front of it, lit the lights and snapped away.

After a bit of phosothopping to rid myself of screen reflections and model stands, my artwork has come to life!

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